Twin Screw Flaxseed Tea Seed Cold Oil Mill Extraction Press Machine

Twin Screw Flaxseed Tea Seed Cold Oil Mill Extraction Press Machine

Twin Screw Flaxseed Tea Seed Cold Oil Mill Extraction Press Machine

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Tea Seed




Oil Press Machine

Twin Screw Cold Press Machine

Lzy126-2 Lzy206-2

Soybean, Peanut, Sunflower Seeds, Rice Bran etc

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Cold Press,Low Temperature Press

Low Temperature Press Tea Seeds,Castor Seeds

Small Damage for Vegetable Protein,Rich Nutrition


High Quality Cold Oil Press Machine

Good Price Cold Oil Press Machine


Wooden Case or Nude Pack

ISO9001: 2000, SGS, CE



Product Description

Twin Screw flaxseed tea seed oil mill extraction cold oil press machine

Application for cold oil press machine
The cold oil press machine can be used for corn germs, tea seeds, safflower seeds, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, peanuts, soybeans, rapeseeds and other oilseeds.
This equipment, is suitable for pressing materials  of vegetable oil content, such as corn germ,tea seed,safflower seed,flax seed ,sunflower seed,soybean,vegetable seed and etc.     

Model Features for cold oil press machine
1. Two spirals gear together, strong conveying ability, high crushing rate, high pressure, suitable for high and low one-time press of oil seeds, very low residual oil rate.
2. High strength design, high-quality steel manufacturing, durable, simple operation, low failure rate
3.Tail out of the cake, the advanced new bread institutions in the school, the school fast and convenient
4.Press cage around the shell stand close, to avoid the press cage used slag, the outlet flow. Equipped with principal axis, open and close easily.

Main technical data for cold oil press machine
Shaft speed:10-16r/min

Feed shaft speed :60-80 rpm.
Power demand  :15-18.5 KW
Overall dimensions(L×W×H): 3400×800×2000mm                         
Net weight:3500 kg

Pressing worm speed :  10-16rpm.
Foundation drawing for installation
Feed shaft speed: 60-80rpm.                     
Power demand  :45KW.
Overall dimensions(L×W×H): 4365×700×2300mm.  
Net weight: 9000 kg

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