Rice Noodle Vermicelli Extruder Machine Noodles Making Machine

Rice Noodle Vermicelli Extruder Machine Noodles Making Machine

Rice Noodle Vermicelli Extruder Machine Noodles Making Machine









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Henan, China.

Product Description

                                    Rice Noodle Vermicelli Extruder Machine Noodles Making Machine

1.Machine Introduction:

1. rice noodle making machine can make rice cake, rice noodles, and rice vermicelli. It is a multi-purpose machine.

2.The biggest feature of this rice noodles machine is the rice without crushing and cooking, and it can produce rice noodles use this machine alone.

3.This new self-cooked cake molding machine has a one-time mature, simple operation, convenience, health and other characteristics, only one person can operate.

4.The machine small size, low cost, high-yielding. Processed out of rice cakes, crystal, delicate taste good, can also produce noodles, rice noodles, cakes to, is ideal for rich people a good helper.

5 Automation ,the process of heating , forming  cooling , but strips one time automatic completion , setting a precedent of one person can produce rice .

6. High yield, per kilogram of rice can produce 2.3-2.8 of fresh rice noodels or 0.92kg of dry rice noodels .

7. Automatic cooked rice noodle machine is the latest equipment, it uses a twin-screw, automatically adjust the cutting, cutting uniform

8. It has changed disadvantage of the models in the past aging well, the product does not gloss, Nengchan rice noodle, vermicelli and grains pasta, the appearance of symmetry, bend, good gloss, long cooking muddy soup, silky taste, chewy, and high yield

2. Technical parameters:

Model HT-SZ30 HT-SZ60 HT-SZ150
productivity 30kg/h 50-60kg/h 150kg/h
Voltage 220V/380V 220V/380V 220V/380V
Power 4kw 5.5kw 7.5kw
Weight 80kg 100kg 130kg
Dimension 850*450*1480mm 960*550*1620mm 1260*470*1290mm

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