Hot Selling Disk Cottonseeds Sheller Machine

Hot Selling Disk Cottonseeds Sheller Machine

Hot Selling Disk Cottonseeds Sheller Machine





Cottonseeds, Sunflower Seeds, Peanut

Sheller Machine

Cottonseeds Shelling Machine

Shelling The Cottonseeds, Sunflower Seeds, Peanut

Cottonseeds Pretreatment for Pressing Oil

Sheller, Separator, Steam Cooker, Press, Filter

35tonday 50-60ton/Day

18.5kw 30kw

Sudan, Bangladesh, Senegal, Uzbekistan

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High Quality Cottonseeds Shelling Machine

Good Price Cottonseeds Shelling Machine


Wooden Case


Made in China

Product Description

Disk Cottonseeds Sunflower Seeds Peanut Huller Husker Shelling Machine

1.Introduction of cottonseed shelling machine

Best sale high efficiency cottonseed sheller/disk cotton seed husking machine to take the out seed shell that for the cotton seeds oil plant process.

Disk cotton seeds shelling machine is suitable for delinted cotton seeds , peanut and other oil material shelling process , also can be used as the crusher equipment for soybean , peanut during the oil press process . The gap between the fixed disk and the move disk is adjustable to suit for different process working . and to avoid the damage of raw material at the same time .

2.Structure and function of cottonseed shelling machine
Disc type sheller is also called the tooth plate sheller.This machine is mainly used for cotton seed shell.Other oil crops such as peanuts, tung seed can also be used.
Disc type sheller is mainly composed of feeding mechanism, shell, drive mechanism and adjusting mechanism parts:
1, feeding mechanism, including the role of adjusting plate feeding impeller feeding mechanism is to make the material evenly, continuously into the shell body.Feeding the impeller is installed on the feed shaft.Feeding shaft there are generally two root, above is equipped with a pair or two pairs of feeding the impeller.Feeding shaft driven by gear, to drive the feeding impeller stirring animals.Feeding impeller with adjustment plate below, it can open and close, to control the size of the feed rate.Adjustment plate available manual adjustment, also can use the control gear rack mechanism.

2, shell institutions including living mill dying mill and knife.The function of it is broken and stripping material shell.Die mill installed on the fixed plate, a fixed plate and the fuselage together, die fixed plate with bolts and connecting to the mill table.Live mill installed on the rotating disk, and the driving mechanism drives the rotary.Each mill by 4 to 6 piece of fan mill piece Mosaic circular ring, and the countersunk head bolt.Rotating plate is equipped with four play knife, its role is to put into the mill between the clearance of the material into a millstone.

3, the role of the driving mechanism is driven feed and rotation disk drive shaft rotation.Motor is directly driven pulley rotation plate, at the same time, through the pulley, gear drive feeding shaft rotation.When clearance adjustment a millstone, pulley can produce axial movement, but not for displacement, it does not affect transmission.

3.Parameter of cottonseed shelling machine

 Model No.





Grinding slice of diameter

710 mm

910 mm

1270 mm

1280 mm


35 t/d

50-60 t/d

80-150 t/d

100-170 t/d

Main shaft speed

1200 r/min

910 r/min

840-880 r/min

840-880 r/min


18.5 kw

30 kw

45 kw

45 kw

Out size(mm)






1100 kg

1700 kg

2600 kg

2600 kg

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