Hento Factory Price Sesame Seeds Drying Machine / Sesame Washing Machine

Hento Factory Price Sesame Seeds Drying Machine / Sesame Washing Machine

Hento Factory Price Sesame Seeds Drying Machine / Sesame Washing Machine








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                                      Hento Factory Price Sesame Seeds Drying Machine / Sesame Washing Machine 

1.Machine Introduction:
Sesame washing and drain machine:
The pneumatic hoist supporting the equipment has the characteristics of low noise, no breakage and small floor space, and during the lifting process, the airflow will clean out some small broken fruit leaves. The sesame washing machine uses the lighter weight of sesame to remove the sand from the sesame by washing with water. The dryer uses the centrifugal force generated by the rotating cone to separate excess water generated in the washing machine. Compared with the previous water control, it saves time, reduces the water content in sesame, and saves the subsequent baking cost.
Sesame roasting machine:
The machine is mainly used for drying and baking hot products such as sesame, peanut, broad bean, coffee bean, melon seeds, nuts, nuts, etc. It adopts the principle of rotary drum, heat conduction and heat radiation. It can be used as a heat source in various ways, and the baked product tastes pure. It has the advantages of energy saving, safety, convenience and easy operation.

Sesame peeling machine:
The sesame peeling machine is a vertical structure, the internal space can be fully utilized, the volume is small, the structure is simple, the appearance is beautiful, the operation is convenient, and the maintenance rate is low. A compound agitator is used, which can produce axial splitting, radial splitting and circumferential splitting; the material is fully turned and has no dead angle. The use of the compound agitator shortens the time of sesame soaking, peeling and separation, improves production efficiency and product yield, and improves product quality.

2.Technical Parameters:
Sesame cleaning and drain equipment:

Name Pneumatic hoist Sesame washing machine Sesame drain machine
Model HT-TS100 HT-QXJ300 HT-HGJ300
Production capacity 100kg/h 100kg/h 100kg/h
Power 0.75kw 0.75kw 1.5kw
Voltage 380V,50hz, 3 phase 380V,50hz, 3 phase 380V,50hz, 3 phase
Dimension 1500x600x2700mm 2100x500x1400 1000x800x900
Weight 200kg 160kg 150kg

Sesame roasting machine:

Model HT-HKJ100
Voltage 380V, 50hz, 3 phase
Power 22-30kw   (2-3kg gas )
Capacity 100kg/h
Dimension 2900x1250x1650mm
Weight 650kg

Sesame peeling machine:

Model HT-TPJ200
Voltage 380V, 50hz, 3 phase
Power 3.7kw
Capacity 200-300kg/h
Dimension 1730x800x2500

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