Hay Straw Round Film Packing Machine/ Grass Bundler Baler/Mini Round Hay Baler

Hay Straw Round Film Packing Machine/ Grass Bundler Baler/Mini Round Hay Baler

Hay Straw Round Film Packing Machine/ Grass Bundler Baler/Mini Round Hay Baler



1 Year



Round Baler


Wooden Box

1380*1120*1120 MM


Product Description

Hay Straw round film packing  Machine/ Grass bundler Baler/Mini Round Hay Baler 

Product information of  hay straw baler machine

The baling machine is my company’s export and domestic sales of the most bundled machine, bundled automatically lead rope, automatic picking wheat straw, automatic bundling, automatic cutting rope, and can adjust the size of the sheave to change the bundle The rope and the density of the grass, so that the straw does not loose, not messy. After forming the bundle of small and compact, and loose bundles inside the loose, good ventilation, easy to transport and storage.

Product application of hay straw baler machine

Can be straw, wheat straw, cotton rod, corn stalks, rape bar, peanut vine. Beans and other straw, grass pick up bundles;

Product feartures of hay straw baler machine

1. Can harvest straw, dry food, wheat straw and other grass stem, for a wide range.
2. Low failure rate, reliable, easy to operate, bundles of small easy handling.
3. Trailer way, suitable for small and medium-sized horsepower tractor supporting the use of flexible mobility is good, especially in the small plots area more superiority.
4. Straw forming thick, through the tractor comes with the hydraulic mechanism control cylinder, the rear frame to open, spit out the straw.

Product parameter of hay straw baler machine

Model MRB-0850 MRB-0870
Straw bun size Φ500 * 700mm Φ610 * 700mm
Dimensions 1150*1300*1200mm 1300*1300*1350mm
Package size  1380*1120*1120mm 1430*1120*1130mm
Total Weight 390kg 440kg
Pick up the range 800mm 80mm
Work efficiency 2-5km / h 2-5km / h
Tire model 16 * 6.50-8-4PR 16 * 6.50-8-4PR
Supporting power 25-50HP 25-50HP
PTO speed 540RPM 540RPM
Mounting way                   3-point suspension
Input rotating speed (r/min)                         540
Drive way                       P.T.O drive

Product photos of hay straw baler machine

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ZhengzhouAslan machinery co.,ltd Founded in 2014, is one food and package machinery manufacturer and sale all in one enterprise with import and export rights as endorsed by the State Bureau of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation and the General Administration of Customs. The company mainly engaged in food machinery, package machinery and other small and medium-sized equipment import and export business. our company has stable long-term cooperation users.our machines had sell to all over the world.Meanwhile,South Amercia and North America are our main market . we insist the honesty and trustworthiness idea , quality come first ,we get trust from our customer . we are on the way to sell more  MADE IN CHINA machines to the World 

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