Full Automatic Complete Rice Mill Line

Full Automatic Complete Rice Mill Line

Full Automatic Complete Rice Mill Line








Rice flour, Rice Flour Processing Machine

Rice Mill

Rice Mill Line

50 Tons Per Day

4-5 Persons

One Year


Easy Installation, Easy Operation, Low Price

Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, Ivory Coast, Indonesia…

Automatic Working


Grain Processing Machine

Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania, India, etc..

Rice Stone Removing, Color Sorter, Packing Machine


Less Than 5% Broken Rice Rate

High Quality, No Paddy


Wooden Cases, 20'gp or 40'hq Containers

depends on the capacity



Product Description

Full Automatic Complete Rice Mill Line

Flow chart of rice mill line
Vibrated cleaner → Destoner → Rice husker → Rice Separator → Rice Mill → Rice polisher → Rice Grader → Rice Color Sorter → Packing

Introduction of rice mill line
1. Vibrated cleaner: Cleaning the paddy
2. Destoner: Separating small stones from the paddy
3. Husker: Removing the husk from the paddy
4. Separator: Separating the husk from the brown rice /unhusked paddy
5. Rice Mill: From paddy to rice
6. Rice polisher: The polishing machine will make the white rice more shining and more smooth, thus to increase the quality of rice
7. Rice grader: separate different quality rice and separate broken rice from the good ones.
8. Rice color sorter: The rice we get from above steps still have some bad rice, broken rice or some other grains or stones, so here we use color sorting machine to select the bad rice and other grains. Color sorting machine is an important machine to ensure we can get high quality rice

Technical data of rice mill line

Capacity Power
25-30 tons per day 77.5kw
40-45 tons per day 120kw
80 tons per day 190kw
100-120 tons per day 330kw
150 tons per day 520kw

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