Edible Peanut Palm Sesame Oil Filter Press Machine

Edible Peanut Palm Sesame Oil Filter Press Machine

Edible Peanut Palm Sesame Oil Filter Press Machine


Oil Filter Machine

Normal Pressure

Stainless Steel

Oil Filter Machine

Filter The Dregs in The Crude Oil



Used for Oil Pressing Plant

No Filter Cloth, Fast and High Efficiency

Can Be Provided Oil Filter Machine

Nigeria, Ukraine, Poland, Cameroon, Congo

Can Be Provided by Us Oil Filter Machine


Oil Filter Machine

Roaster, Press Machine, Filter Machine


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Product Description

Edible Peanut Palm Sesame Oil Filter Press Machine

Introduction for oil filter machine
The centrifugal oil filter is aim to centrifugul separation of suspended impurities automatically. It is suitable for filtering kinds of crude plant oil,such as oil of rape -seeds,cotton seeds,soybean,shelled peanut,flax seeds,sunflower seeds, sesame seeds,corn germ,palm kernel,etc. 

The working principle of the oil filter machine
The centrifugal oil filter unit separates the slag and the oil by the centrifugal force of the rotating drum at a high speed to achieve liquid-solid separation. When the drum stops rotating, the net oil slides out from the drum to achieve the purpose of filtration. The oil is pure, but it can be tested on the fire at that time, no foaming, no overflowing.

Advantage for oil filter machine
This machine have designed brake device.It has followubf advantages compare to traditional plate frame filter:
1.No filter cloth, avoiding washing filter cloth
2.Has better effect of oil residue separating
3.Easy operation and high efficiency
4.No need to clean the oil residue each time after filtering.It has advantage design,conbenient operation, high output ,high efficiency.Just only need 2-3 minutes to finish filtering crude oil each time.

Technical parameters for oil filter machine

Model Main power
LY-40 220V/2.2KW 100 430*430*900 65
LY-50 380V/2.2KW 200 750*500*950 70
(stainless steel,control box)
380V/3KW 200-300 560*560*1100 90
LY-60 380/220/3kw 200-300 1100*650*1050 90
LY-80 380v/3kw 400 1000*700*950 140

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