Dough Divider Machine Dough Ball Rounder Making Machine Dough Cutter for Bread Bakery

Dough Divider Machine Dough Ball Rounder Making Machine Dough Cutter for Bread Bakery

Dough Divider Machine Dough Ball Rounder Making Machine Dough Cutter for Bread Bakery




Dough Divider Machine


Biscuit, Cake, Pizza, Bread





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Product Description

Electrice Automatic Dough Divider and Rounder Bread Dough Cutter Machine

Introduction of Automatic Round Dough Ball Making Machine
The Automatic Round Dough Ball Making Machine can divide the whole dough into a number of small dough when the dough is kneaded. We often need make dough ball when we preparing the wheaten food.
This machine is suitable for the formation of wheat taro powder with water, additives and good dough. The dough is processed into a dosage by extrusion, conveying, shearing and spheronization. It is widely used in institutions, factories, mines, school canteens, and pasta processing units. The machine has high transmission efficiency and compact structure; the size and weight of the agent are easily adjusted, which is convenient for customers to choose.
Advantage of Automatic Round Dough Ball Making Machine 

The quantitative part adopts mechanical clutch mechanism, which is safe, reliable and easy to maintain.
Making dough balls need a large of manpower and time in the collective restaurants and restaurants with a large number of diners. The production has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient operation, and can be used to make a large amount of dough balls in a short time. It is the automatic production that can save manpower and time for people.
Parameter of Automatic Round Dough Ball Making Machine

Model Voltage Power Capacity Dimension Dough Weight  Weight
DBM-100 220v 2.2kw 100kg/h 580*660*987mm 5-150g 100kg
DBM-200 220v 2.75kw 150kg/h 750*650*900mm 6-600g 120kg

Detail Photos of Round Dough Ball Making Machine 

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Zhengzhou Aslan Machinery Co.,Ltd established in 2014 , our company are new in international market ,but we are not new in international market , all member of our company are experienced in international business. Best service, high quality machines are we can service for you. We know we are young but we are confidence, we have more time, more vigor, and more earnest serve for you. Besides that we have powerful supporter, professional technical term together with you and us.

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Q:What is the guarantee time ? if machines broken or lost during sea freight who will take responsible ?
•A:Guarantee time is for one year from Machine arrive customer sea port. for every export machine we buy insurance for it . if machine lost or broken during sea freight . we take responsible for it .

Q: During Guarantee time , if machine broken by machine design ,what should we do? 
•A:during guarantee time , if machine broken by machine design fault , we talk all responsible , for machine broken part free charge send to you , if after change broken part machine can not work , we send new machine to you .

Q: Which kind documents your company can provided?
•A:after ship depart from China port ,we can get documents from Shipping company such as : bill or lading , insurance documents.packing list , commercial invoice . if you need , we also can apply CO ,FORM F, FORM E etc.

Q:After guarantee time , if we need spare parts , can you provided it ?
•A:we can provided for the machine spare part .

Q:Which kind of package you will use ?
•A:For export , we usually use plywood box . which meet export standard.


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