Different Materials Screen for vibrating screen

Different Materials Screen for vibrating screen

Different Materials Screen for vibrating screen




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Screen for vibrating screen 
There are many kinds of vibrating screens: round steel welded screens, manganese steel wire braided screens, polyurethane screens, plate and screen screens, etc.
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Manganese steel mesh;stainless steel mesh;polyurethane mesh


Round steel welded screen: screens welded into square holes with round steel of 6 to 30 mm in diameter, used for screening of mixed raw materials with large stones, which can reduce most impacts and extend the service life of the screen.
The braided structure of the woven mesh is pre-bent into a corrugated form of wire, so that the two bends are stuck in the same position to ensure the size of the mesh. The vibrating screen has two-way corrugated bending, tight bending, two-way wave bending, flat top bending , one-way corrugated bending, solid structure, mostly used in mining, coal, construction, glass factory, petroleum, hardware products, etc.
Polyurethane sieve plates are mine equipment used in mining and quarrying plants. Combined with mining equipment such as vibrating screens.
Classification: Polyurethane dewatering screen and polyurethane slit screen
Divided into four types according to the structure of polyurethane sieve plate: inlaid, bolted, beaded, sieve hooked
Polyurethane steel wire mesh (wrapped wire stranded core wire welded mesh net)
The material has beautiful appearance, bright color, light weight, high mechanical strength, heat insulation, sound insulation, corrosion resistance, excellent weather resistance, no secondary decoration, and various colors. Has the following characteristics:
1. High tensile strength, high tear strength, good wear resistance, good resilience, small compression set and long service life.
2, strong bonding with the metal matrix, not easy to layer and fall off.
3. High surface finish and stable size.
The high-strength composite wire mesh belongs to the technical field of screening equipment, and is used for solving the problems of low strength and short service life of ordinary wire mesh. The utility model is composed of a net and a net, and the improvement is that the net is a wire mesh and the net is a polyurethane net, and the polyurethane net is located under the wire mesh, which is a lattice shape intersecting vertically and horizontally, and the warp and weft Both consist of a steel cord core and a polyurethane skin. The above improvements give the present invention superior performance to ordinary metal screens. It has high strength, rigidity and load carrying capacity, and can effectively reduce vibration noise and improve the service life of the screen. The utility model can be made into screening devices of various shapes, and is particularly suitable for high frequency vibrating mesh screens for electromagnetic excitation. Can be widely used in many industries in the screening, filtration, dehydration, deliming and other operations. There are the following models:
It is suitable for vibrating screens in many departments such as metallurgy, coal, chemical industry and construction. It can be used for fine-grained grade screening and dry-drying screen in bulk materials. It can also be used for the classification of certain corrosive materials.

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