Chilli Powder Milling Machine 220V/380V Full Stainless Steel

Chilli Powder Milling Machine 220V/380V Full Stainless Steel

Chilli Powder Milling Machine 220V/380V Full Stainless Steel





Spices Herbs, Grains, Sugar, Salts, Pepper etc….



Flour, All, Beans, Wheat, Starch, Rice flour, Sugar, Herbs, Spice, Corn, Grains, Pepper

Powder Grinder


1-3 Years

Engineers Available to Service Machinery Overseas

Stainless Steel

Bogen Brand

Wooden Case




Product Description

Commercial use spice grinder, pepper grinder, powder grinder, herbs mill, herbs grinder, powder mill, chemical materials grinding machine,Powder Grinder Machine

1. Technical data sheet:

Model     BG-180     BG-250    
Material Full SS 304
Voltage(v) 220/380 380
Power(kw) 2.2 5.5 7.5 11 15
Speed(rpm) 4200 4200 4200 4200 4200
Fineness(mesh) 10-200
Capacity(kg/h) 100-150 200-300 400-500 600-800 800-1000
Size(mm) 480X520X1040 750X600X1260 780X700X1350 800X900X1550 820X900X1700
Weight(kg) 75 180 260 320 380

2. Working principle:
The use of centrifugal hammer percussion, and collision, cutting and crushing wall and the collision among the materials themselves, the crushed material crushed. , material can be directly from the eduction in grinding chamber, the discharging mouth, the general material should pass the cotton bags to collect after crushing, after crushing materials collected in the bag, the air out of a bag of tiny hole, will not be fine powder, thereby not waste, no pollution effect. Particle size is determined by the change of different mesh sieve.
3. Performance and features:
This herb grinder structure is simple and strong, stable running and crushing material quickly and evenly, the result is good. Native full stainless steel material production, casing inside wall) (crushing hammer and smash all the precision machined so as to achieve smooth surface, easy to clean, changed the ordinary grinder wall roughness, easy, difficult to clean up the phenomenon of accumulated powder, production of food, medicine, chemical industry and so on can meet the national standards, to meet the GMP health requirements.
4. Application:
Mainly used in chemical materials, traditional Chinese herb medicinal materials including roots, branches and block class materials(like cumin, thyme, savoy or sage etc.. ), all kinds of oil content of grain, grain and other hard and brittle materials.
Powder Grinder Machine

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