Cheapest Reed Weaving Machine Price

Cheapest Reed Weaving Machine Price

Cheapest Reed Weaving Machine Price





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Product Description

                                             Cheapest Reed Mat Weaving Machine
1.Machine introduction:
The Straw Mat Knitting Machine makes the waste straw and grass recycled, have the large economy value. 
It is mainly used for making the straw mat; the straw mat can be used for the vegetable green house, keeping the temperature in winter, also used for keeping the warm of road and street construction, etc.
Raw materials used to knit could be reed, rice straw, corn straw millet straw, couch grass, cattail and haulm. etc.

Machine features:
1).helping strength tension
This equipment slove the technical difficulty of breaking string.U can use single string to operate,reduce the used strings cost and improve the production efficiency.
2).continuing string automatically
When there is situation of breaking string because of string quality,the machine can continue the string by itself. U needn’t to stop the machine.
3).spreading straw evenly and automatically
restoring the 10cm length interspace caused by workers when spreading straw automatically.The straw mat produced is even and has no interspace.This can reduce the labour of 1-2 workers.
4).cutting sides automatically
this machine adopts the new-type combined cutters.Not only they can cut the sides neatly,but also have long working life.Every set of cutters can more than 100,000m straw curtain.
5).scrap straws used
Reinforced straw conveyor can knit the scrap straws into the curtain.In one side,it improve the utilization ratio of straw,it also solve the problem of handling scrap straws.
6).thick and thin curtains all can be produced by one machine.
This machine can knit 0.5cm thin curtain,also can knit 5cm thick curtain.

2.Technical parameters:

HT-1200 HT-1500 HT-2000
Motor(kw) 1.1 1.1 1.5
Thickness of straw mat(cm) 0.5-4 0.5-4 0.5-4
Width of straw mat(cm) 20-120 20-150 20-200
Capacity(m/h) 150-200
Quantity of threads 1-23(adjustable) 1-27(adjustable) 1-35(adjustable)

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