Cassava Starch Equipment Overseas Installation Airflow Dryer Starch Flash Drying Machine

Cassava Starch Equipment Overseas Installation Airflow Dryer Starch Flash Drying Machine

Cassava Starch Equipment Overseas Installation Airflow Dryer Starch Flash Drying Machine

DG-3.2 DG-4.0 DG-6.0 DG-10.0



Cassava Starch Dryer




Flour, Starch

Cassava Starch Dryer

Cassava Flour Production Line


Airflow Dryer

20 Years

269 Kw

12-14 %

3-10 T/H

Overseas Installation


Cassava Flour Drying Machine

1 Year



Wooden Case

stainless steel

Zhengzhou City, China

Product Description

cassava flour flash dryer making machine airflow dryer continuous work hot air drying equipment

1.Description of cassava flour drying machine
When designed air flow drying system, we fully considered each factor of turbulent flow,cyclone separating and heat exchange etc., so that each collocation and parameter have definite theory basis, such as heat exchange’s collocation , temperature control of inlet air and outlet air,diameter change of cyclone pipe etc. Through measuring on feeding material moisture,or temperature difference between inlet and outlet, the feeding quantity and inlet steam volume can be automatic adjusted, thus the water content of product could of product could reach the technology requirement.This kind airflow dryer is not only suitable to all kinds potato kinds starch to be dried,but also adaptable to the drying of corn starch and wheat starch. 

Advantages of airflow dryer
1.Fully considered each factor of turbulent flow, cyclone separating and heat exchange.
2.Parts contact with starch is made of stainless steel 304.
3.Energy saving, moisture of product stable.
4.The moisture of starch is very stable, and varied 12.5%-13.5% by automatic control which can control the moisture of starch by controlling feeding quantity of steam and wet starch. 
5.Less starch loss from wind exhausted.
6.The complete solved plan for a whole flash dryer system .

Real application case

Indoor part

Main technical parameters

Model DG-3.2 DG-4.0 DG-6.0 DG-10.0
Output(t/h) 3.2 4.0 6.0 10.0
Power capacity(Kw) 97 139 166 269
Moisture of wet starch(%) ≤40 ≤40 ≤40 ≤40
Moisture of dry starch(%) 12-14 12-14 12-14 12-14

The working principle of airflow dryer
The cold air enters the radiator plate through the air filter, and the hot air flow after heating enters the dry air pipe. Meanwhile, the wet material enters the hopper of the feeding unit from the wet starch inlet, and is transported into the hoist by the feeding winch.The hoist rotates at high speed to drop the wet material into the dry duct, so that the wet material is suspended in the high speed hot air stream and heat is exchanged.After the material is dried, it enters the cyclone separator with the airflow, and the separated dry material is discharged by wind winding, and the finished product is screened and packed into the warehouse. And the separated exhaust gas, by the exhaust fan into the exhaust gas duct, into the atmosphere.

2.Our Service
Pre-sale service
1.Accept customer consultation and customize products according to customer requirements.
2.Provide customers with product process, equipment parameters and processes, and train personnel according to customer requirements.   

Sale service                                                               
1.The company sent technical personnel to the scene of the on-the -spot guidance equipment installation,debugging and training operators.
2.If there is any problem during the installation, please contact the responsible person in time. We will solve the problem in time to ensure the installation progress.

After-sale service
1.Provide telephone and video support. If the customer has any problems or abnormal devices in use, you can contact us by phone. We will help the customer solve the problems by phone or video.
2.If the phone or video doesn’t work, the company will send technicians to the scene to fix the problem.
3.Products purchased in our company, we provide one-year warranty and lifelong maintenance service.

3.Packing & Shipping
Packing : Customize the wooden case according to the size of the product.
Delivery: 14 days after receiving pre-payment (on time according to contract strictly).

4.Company Information
On the afternoon of June 6th, One Belt And One Road Cambodian delegation came to visit zhengzhou jinghua industrial co., LTD. Professor wang yanbo, chairman of zhengzhou jinghua company and other relevant personnel introduced to the delegation the achievements made by jinghua company over the years, the production technology of products and the production process of starch. The delegation visited the company’s office building, production workshop and finished product warehouse, showing the delegation the company’s production and research capabilities.

Jinghua company is a specialized engineering technology company specializing in various starch engineering design, equipment manufacturing, engineering installation and debugging, technical personnel training and other work. Has two modern large factory, engineering and technical personnel more than 30 people, can provide installation services overseas. Our company has undertaken national and provincial scientific research projects.,with more than 30 invention patents, various honor certificate more than 20.

Our Workshop

Our Workshop

Awarded the title of Advanced & High Technology Enterprise by Henan Science & Technology Department. Jinghua is the Vice president member of Sweet Potato Starch Professional Committee of China Starch Industry
Association Units, the member of Potato Starch Professional Committee and the vice president member of China Food and Packaging Machinery Industry Association and Potato Food Processing Machinery Professional Committee Unit. Awarded the "ten years brilliant" honorary certificate issued by China international potato fair.

Q1: Can you provide detailed parameters and drawings of the equipment?
A: Yes, you can contact us by email, we will provide you with the detailed parameters and drawings of the equipment.
Q2:How long is the warranty period of the eq uipment?
A:After the successful installation and commissioning of the equipment, there is a one-year warranty period.
Q3:What kind of after-sales service do you provide?
A:Provide after-sales service for customers through telephone, video guidance, on-site maintenance, etc.
Q4: Are your products can be assured ?
A: Our machines are all passed ISO9001:2001 and have CE certificate by SGS, TUV.

Q5: If we show you our layout of factory, can you help us to design the whole process line?
A : Yes, our experienced engineers and technical employees can help you to arrange the layout and installation of whole process line based on your real situation;

Q6: If we have samples of new products, can you help us to analysis and design the machine?
A: Yes, Our technical department can help you to analysis, design and test the new products you offered.

Zhengzhou Jinghua Industry Co.,Ltd.
Add:Guanggu Road, Xingyang City,Henan Province,China

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