Automatic Quantitative Garri Packing Machine Cassava Starch Packaging Production Line

Automatic Quantitative Garri Packing Machine Cassava Starch Packaging Production Line

Automatic Quantitative Garri Packing Machine Cassava Starch Packaging Production Line






Garri Packaging Machine

Special Agricultural Products, Garri

Automatic Powder Packaging Machine

Garri Packaging Machine


5-50 Kg

4 Kw

Long Working Time

20 Years

20 T/H

Overseas Installation


550 Kg

1 Year

Stainless Steel

Garri Processing Line

3100*800*650 mm


Wooden Case

stainless steel

Zhengzhou City, China

Product Description

automatic quantitative garri packing machine cassava starch packaging production line

1.Description of garri packaging machine
Automatic starch package machine packing range is 5-50 kg . The parts contact with materials are made of stainless steel.The main quantitative packing in the powdery material containing gas mixture material (such as waxy rice noodles, corn starch, potato starch, cassava starch, modified starch, gluten flour, dextrin).Easy to operate and maintenance.

Main technical parameters

Specification JHTB-5 JHTB-25 JHTB-50
Weighing ranges(Kg) 5~10 20~25 20~50
Yield(packets/hour) 150~600  150~500  300~400 
Dividing the value(g) 5 10 10
Power(Kw) 4 4 4
Package size(mm) 1750*1000*2200 3100*800*650 1750*1000*2200
Total weight(kg) 550 550 550

Advantages of automatic garri packaging machine
1.A fast, slow, speed, three speed feeding mode, AD processing technology with high speed, anti-interference technology, automatic error correction and compensation technology, accurate measurement, stable and reliable performance. 

2.According to different characters of different materials, the pumping, the gas material of gas extraction, convenient packing and transportation and storage bags. Improve food shelf life.
3.For good fluidity material (such as starch) to take a special way of feeding, fast cutting flow system, to ensure that the measurement is accurate, stable and reliable performance.
4.Lift the bag structure to ensure that the packaging vertical fall into the conveyor, reduce labor intensity and improve the working environment.

The working principle of automatic packing machine

The sensor of the packaging machine is subjected to the action of pressure to produce a micro – variable signal, which is processed by the computer. When the computer is activated by the external work signal, the feeder is controlled to feed the material quickly into the packaging bag. When the fast feeding ration is reached, the fast feeding is stopped, and the cylinder of the vibrating bag vibrates the packing material, and then the optimal feeding department is entered. When the set ration of slow feeding is reached (ration _ drop), stop the slow feeding and loosen the bag holder, etc. Such a cycle of work to achieve automatic quantitative packaging. Press the stop switch if you need to stop working.

There are seven steps to making garri
1. Washing machine : To remove the stone sand and from the raw material ,and peel it.
2. Crusher:high efficiency cutting and grinding
3. dewater machine :remove the water from the grate cassava
4. Second crusher:grinding the dewatered cassava slump flakes
5. fryer: Fry the grated cassava to cassava garri
6. Sifter machine: Sieve the good quality cassava garri,
7. Packing machine: Packing garri in different bags,such as 5kg,25kg,50kg

2.Packing & Shipping
Packing & Shipping: Customize the wooden case according to the size of the product.
Delivery: 14 days after receiving pre-payment (on time according to contract strictly).

3.Our ServicePre-sale service
1.Introducing detail features and application of the products to customer.
2.Selecting economical and practical machines for customer.
3.Providing operation data of the related machine.
4.Providing means of trial performance for customer.
5.Flow chart and factory designing layout .

Sale service
1.Recommending engineering conditions required for installation of the machine.
2.Communicating the manufacturing progress of machines with customer in time.
3.Project planning and design services.

After-sale service
1.Training of equipment maintenance and operating personally.
2.Installation and commissioning of equipment until everything is functional.
3.One year warranty and providing long-term maintenance service and spare parts.
4.Giving technical support to customer for developing new product.
5.Engineers available to serve machinery overseas.

4.Company Information
On the afternoon of June 6th, One Belt And One Road Cambodian delegation came to visit zhengzhou jinghua industrial co., LTD. Professor wang yanbo, chairman of zhengzhou jinghua company and other relevant personnel introduced to the delegation the achievements made by jinghua company over the years, the production technology of products and the production process of starch. The delegation visited the company’s office building, production workshop and finished product warehouse, showing the delegation the company’s production and research capabilities.

Zhengzhou Jinghua Industry Co.,Ltd. is a professional starch engineering corporation in China. Depending on the unique advantage and strong strength of Henan University of Technology, Jinghua combines scientific research, industry and trade as a whole, which mainly engaged in the working of factory layout, technology design,complete equipment manufacturing and commissioning, new product developing etc. to all kinds starch processing. Has two modern large factory, engineering and technical personnel more than 30 people, can provide installation services overseas. Our company has undertaken national and provincial scientific research projects.,with more than 30 invention patents, various honor certificate more than 20.

Our Factory

Our Workshop

Awarded the title of Advanced & High Technology Enterprise by Henan Science & Technology Department. Jinghua is the Vice president member of Sweet Potato Starch Professional Committee of China Starch Industry Association Units, the member of Potato Starch Professional Committee and the vice president member of China Food and Packaging Machinery Industry Association and Potato Food Processing Machinery Professional Committee Unit. Awarded the "ten years brilliant" honorary certificate issued by China international potato fair.

Q1: Is your company a factory or trading company?
A: Our company is a factory in Henan Province ,with export license and we have done export business over 20 years professionally.

Q2.What is your main business?
A: Zhengzhou Jinghua is devoted to starch processing machine. The machine of starch processing line , such as : cassava starch line , cassava flour line , potato starch line , sweet potato line , wheat starch ,sago line and garri line

Q3. Can you customize the products according to our requirements?
A: Yes, we have a professional technical department that can customize the products according to your requirements

Q4: Are your products can be assured ?
A: Our machines are all passed ISO9001:2001 and have CE certificate by SGS, TUV.

Q5: If we show you our layout of factory, can you help us to design the whole process line?
A : Yes, our experienced engineers and technical employees can help you to arrange the layout and installation of whole process line based on your real situation;

Q6: If we have samples of new products, can you help us to analysis and design the machine?
A: Yes, Our technical department can help you to analysis, design and test the new products you offered.

Zhengzhou Jinghua Industry Co.,Ltd.
Add:Guanggu Road, Xingyang City,Henan Province,China

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