Arrowroot Starch Milk Dehydrator Making Machine Hydrocyclone Arrowroot Starch Production Line

Arrowroot Starch Milk Dehydrator Making Machine Hydrocyclone Arrowroot Starch Production Line

Arrowroot Starch Milk Dehydrator Making Machine Hydrocyclone Arrowroot Starch Production Line

XL325 XL438 XL516






Special Agricultural Products, Arrowroot

Hydro Cyclone


Arrowroot Starch Milk Dehydrator Machine

Arrowroot Starch Production Line

20 Years


Good Effect

1200 Kg

3-12 T/H

Overseas Installation

1 Year

45 Kw



Wooden Case

stainless steel

Zhengzhou City, China

Product Description

arrowroot starch milk dehydrator making machine hydrocyclone arrowroot starch production line

1.Description of arrowroot starch milk dehydrator machine
Zhengzhou starch hydro cyclone is used to each kind of starch and modified starch emulsion degreasing, fine slag separation, protein separation, washing and enrichment, etc. Continuous concentration and separation of food industry suspension, clarification, etc.
With compact structure, high precision, as well as good sealing effect, is widely used in potatoes, cassava, sweet potatoes, corn, wheat, valley (m) starch, andmodifiedstarch.

Main technical parameters

 Model XL325 XL438 XL516 XLS426  
Plate quantity 1 1 1 2 Group capacity:


Total weight:

Cylinder diameter(mm) 362 438 516 426
Cylinder norm(mm) 10,15 10,15 10,15 10,15
Feed Pressure(MPa) 0.6-0.8 0.6-0.8 0.6-0.8 0.6-0.8
Inlet Size(mm) 76 89 89 2* 89
Underflow Size(mm) 48 48 57 76
Top flow Size(mm) 57 57 76 2- 57

Working principle
Starch milk enters the middle cavity of the cylinder body through the starch pump from the feeding port of the cyclone. Starch paste enters the inlet of the cyclone tube and enters the inner part of the cyclone tube along the tangent direction of the cyclone tube. In the swirl tube, the material components rotate according to the spiral line and generate centrifugal force. And relative density of small proteins and water centrifugal force is small, the spiral motion, is reduced to about the lower part of the cone resistance by bottom LiuKou formed in the reverse direction of rotation of the spiral vortex uplink to LiuKou eduction, so as to achieve the purpose of each one.

Real application case

Advantages of hydrocyclone
1. Fully stainless steel to be sure there is no corrosion.

2. Advanced surface treatment craft. Oil and dirty resisting.
3. Widely used for starch extraction in starch processing plants.
4. Multifunction of concentration, recovery, washing and separation for hydrocyclone group.
5. Cyclone pipes are made from material of reinforced nylon with high strength, deter abrasive resistance and excellent separation result.
6. Hydroclone designing is adopted to get better starch separation according to the features of different material.
7. Pipeline of hydrocyclone group passes computer optimization design. Compact and elegant.
8. Special sealing design, friendly operation.

2.Packing & Shipping
Packing : Customize the wooden case according to the size of the product.
Delivery: 14 days after receiving pre-payment (on time according to contract strictly).

3.Company Information
Zhengzhou jinghua industrial co., LTD., as a member of China starch industry association, was invited to attend the 2019 Shanghai international starch and starch derivatives exhibition. In this meeting, zhengzhou jinghua industry co., ltd. and the new and old customers in-depth meeting exchanges, for the future further cooperation to create a good beginning, to the whole industry to show the recent new research and development results, harvested from more peers and experts unanimously recognized.

4.Our Service
Pre-sale service
1.Introducing detail features and application of the products to customer.
2.Selecting economical and practical machines for customer.
3.Providing operation data of the related machine.
4.Providing means of trial performance for customer.
5.Flow chart and factory designing layout .

Sale service
1.Recommending engineering conditions required for installation of the machine.
2.Communicating the manufacturing progress of machines with customer in time.
3.Project planning and design services.

After-sale service
1.Training of equipment maintenance and operating personally.
2.Installation and commissioning of equipment until everything is functional.
3.One year warranty and providing long-term maintenance service and spare parts.
4.Giving technical support to customer for developing new product.
5.Engineers available to serve machinery overseas.

5.Our Customer

6.Why Choose Us
Jinghua company is an engineering and technical company specializing in starch engineering design, equipment manufacturing, engineering installation and debugging, technical personnel training and other work. Has two modern large factory, engineering and technical personnel more than 30 people, can provide installation services overseas .Company for China starch industry association executive director units, executive director of the association of Chinese cassava starch industry unit.

Mr. Wang yanbo, chairman of the board, has published 7 scientific works, 6 national standards and 30 academic papers, across a country: "ten five" to "thirteen, five" national key r&d projects and provincial major research project over 10, with more than 10 national patents, won awards at all levels more than 20. Has participated in more than 80 domestic and foreign starch engineering design work, its advanced processing technology and technology has reached the world’s leading level.


Q1: Can you provide detailed parameters and drawings of the equipment?
A: Yes, you can contact us by email, we will provide you with the detailed parameters and drawings of the equipment.
Q2:How long is the warranty period of the eq uipment?
A:After the successful installation and commissioning of the equipment, there is a one-year warranty period.
Q3:What kind of after-sales service do you provide?
A:Provide after-sales service for customers through telephone, video guidance, on-site maintenance, etc.
Q4: Are your products can be assured ?
A: Our machines are all passed ISO9001:2001 and have CE certificate by SGS, TUV.

Q5: If we show you our layout of factory, can you help us to design the whole process line?
A : Yes, our experienced engineers and technical employees can help you to arrange the layout and installation of whole process line based on your real situation;

Q6: If we have samples of new products, can you help us to analysis and design the machine?
A: Yes, Our technical department can help you to analysis, design and test the new products you offered.

Zhengzhou Jinghua Industry Co.,Ltd.
Add:Guanggu Road, Xingyang City,Henan Province,China

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