20 Tons Rice Mill Agricultural Rice Mill for Sale

20 Tons Rice Mill Agricultural Rice Mill for Sale

20 Tons Rice Mill Agricultural Rice Mill for Sale






200kw, 380V, 50Hz

Beans, Wheat, Starch, Rice flour, Paddy

Rice Mill




68% – 72%


More Than 20 Years

Engineers Are Available to Overseas


Wooden Case

Stainless Steel

Henan Province, China


Product Description

20 tons rice mill agricultural rice mill for sale

Automatic Rice Mill Plant Rice Husk Milling Machine Paddy Separator

1. Introduction of our combined rice mill machine: 
1) This Small Combined Rice Processing Milling Machine includes: TQLQ50a Suction Stoning Machine, Husker, Gravity Paddy Separator, Jet-air Emery Roll Rice Mill, and broken rice grader, etc.
2) It can clean, de-stone, hull, paddy separate, whiten( polish), grade all in one. The output is 1000-1200 kg rice per hour.
3) Features:
a. The main advantage of this new machine is that it occupies small space for easy installation with good performance, making rice whiter with less broken rice.
b. Compact structure, easy operation, high rice precision; It’s a ideal machine for small investment with good finish product.
c. The working video and details manual will be available.
d. Easy to adding some follow-up equipment e. Better cleaning effect
It is a new type whole set combined rice mill for processing rice in farmlands, towns, grain shop and specialized households, and it can improve milling precision of rice according to the demands of users by adding some follow-up equipment, like polisher, color sorter and rice packing machine to be a complete line.

2. Specification of combined rice machine: 

No. Matched Machine Power(Kw) Output(t/h)
Unit Total Unit total
1 Combined Cleaning &Destoning Machine 3 24 kw 1.2~1.5 /
2 Single Elevating Conveyor 0.75 1~1.5
3 MLNJ15 Husker 4 1.2~1.5
4 TDTGS 19/7 Double Elevating Conveyor 0.75 1~1.5
5 MGCZ70×5 Gravity Paddy Separator 0.75 1~1.2
6 High-power Suction Type  Rice Mill 15 1~1.2
7 Grader 0.4 1~1.2
Capacity Power Rice yield rate Operation Dimision Functions
1000-1200kg/h 24kw >71% Automatic 2900*1500*2800mm Cleaner–destoner–rice husk–rice separator–rice whitener–rice grader;

3.Working Principle of combined rice machine: 
1) Unprocessed food grains are poured into the feed hopper and elevated by single elevating conveyor to cleaning sieve, big and small foreign matters of unprocessed food grains will be cleaned up;
2) Cleaned grain will be elevated by double elevating conveyor to Husker to shell; rice shell will be conveyed by the crude bran separator to the exterior of machine or collect by Cyclone; mixture of paddy and unpolished rice will be elevated by double elevating conveyor to gravity paddy separator to carry out the separation of grain and bran; separated material including: one is material which including more paddy, these material will return to husker through double elevating conveyor to shell again, the second one is mixture of paddy and brown rice, these material will return to paddy separator by double elevating conveyor, the last one is clean brown rice, these material will into rice mill to whitening.
3) The fine bran out of whitener will be collected by a fine bran cyclone, and the rice out of rice outlet mouth is the finished rice.
4) Besides, there is switch gate on brown rice hopper and double elevating conveyor, through switch, paddy separator sieve will have enough time to have enough material and adjust to the situation of most ideal separate effect, to make sure that clean brown rice in to whitener. In the end, can make all the materials return to husker to shell, and then into whitener without through paddy separator, so can have a fast ending, and no residual in the all equipment.

4.More intorduction about our rice milling machines: 
we are a manufacturer for 10-200ton/day complete rice(or parboling rice) mill machinery and different kinds of machines like husker, destoner, rice grader, color sorter, paddy dryer, etc. We can also supply the parboiled rice rice milling plant.Main market include Nigeria,Ghana,Togo,Ivory Coast,Pakistan,India and other countries.
Parboiled rice processing section:

Rice processing sections:

6.Our factory:

7.Our clients:

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