12td 24td Complete Flour Mill, Maize Flour Mill Machine on Sale

12td 24td Complete Flour Mill, Maize Flour Mill Machine on Sale

12td 24td Complete Flour Mill, Maize Flour Mill Machine on Sale






Flour Mill

Maize, Wheat, Rice

300-500kg/H Flour Milling Machine

Processing Wheat Flour or Rice Flour

High Efficiency, Save Labor Cost

Available Flour Mill Plant

Can Be Provided Flour Mill Plant


Kenya, Ghana, Uganda, Zambia, Nigeria

High Quality Flour Milling Machine

Good Price Flour Milling Machine

Best Service Flour Milling Machine


Plywood Case


Made in China

Product Description

12TD 24TD Complete Corn Maize flour Production Line on sale 

Introduction for corn flour production line
This is an advanced automatic corn flour milling machine line for high grade market. Whole line includes cleaning, peeling, flour milling. It is easy to operate, occupies small space, but high efficient and produces high quality flour. 

Function for corn flour production line
cleaning, peeling, milling and sieve classifying into flour. 
— Cleaning machine is to remove all dirt such as iron, stone, sand, soil, hull or others.
— Peeling machine is to remove corn skin, germ, remove root and black hilum then separate these parts which has no nutrient and affect taste.
— Flour milling machine is to grind peeled corn into fine maize flour. Customer can adjust the machine and change sieve size to control fineness of the flour.

Flow chart for corn flour production line
Raw grain elevator→winnowing→removing large,medium and small impurities→removing stone and iron→water adjusting→clear grain elevator→embellish grain→clear grain conveyor→peeling→embryo removing→removing roots→removing black umbilical→crushing→flour making→bag packing

Technical advantages for for corn flour production line

1 Use advanced maize peeling machine to produce high quality output..
2 Function is powerful, including all necessary procedure that are required to produce maize flour.
3 The final output flour are bright in color, with no bran, no germ (prolong shelf life of maize flour), no black hilum (for good taste), , completely exceeding customer expectations
4 Adopts one layer floor stand way, easy to operate and maintain.


Main data for for corn flour production line
Model: 12ton/day corn flour mill
Peeling rate:98%
Main power:31.6kw 4pole

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Zhengzhou Holyphant Machinery Co.,Ltd
Factory 1: Shanan Industrial zone,Zhengzhou,Henan,China
Factory 2: Zhandian industrial Zone,zhengzhou,Henan,China


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